Procedures for becoming an Arms Collector In Queensland

An applicant is required to initially establish contact with the ACGQ Membership Officer and after discussions, the area of proposed weapon/s collecting can be determined which will dictate the specific QLD legal requirements involved for registration within a given classification of weapon/s. (Please note that it is requirement to become a Member of the Arms Collectors Guild of QLD without collecting firearms but you must obtain a "QLD Weapons Licence" . A genuine interest in historical arms/ weapons is an acceptable reason to join the Guild as long as you have a QLD Weapons Licence.)

1) If an applicant proposes to collect post 1900 handguns, it is a QLD legal requirement for the applicant to obtain a collector's licence for category H weapons in that:

a) The applicant must be a member of a QLD registered and approved historical society such as the Arms Collectors Guild of QLD (ACGQ) and proof of membership must form part of any application to Weapons Licencing Branch (WLB) QLD Police Service.
Note: Any licence application to WLB will need to be accompanied by an official ACGQ statement of membership provided in writing by the appropriate ACGQ Officer (assuming the applicant becomes a registered Guild member), before the application to WLB is acceptable.

b) The statement of membership is to be made on a WLB form QP 517 (See WBL web site URL details available on this web site). If approved, WLB will issue a collectors licence plastic card listing the categories of weapons the applicant will be able to collect.

Note 1: WLB will require an applicant provide a certified photo, proof of living at a QLD address, reason/s for requiring a "Collectors Licence" and details of categories of weapons the applicant wishes to collect.

Note 2: When a licence holder wishes to acquire a category H weapon made post 1900 and rendered temporarily inoperative, WLB require an applicant to specify and provide reasons / justification an applicant will be collecting each and every firearm/weapon and any supporting documentation, related to the following reasons:

a) Commemorative: (ie) the one hundredth anniversary of the Winchester Rifle or a firearm / weapon specifically produced for a particular person or event.
b) Historical: (ie) the trench warfare of World War 1 --- what makes the firearm / weapon different from others produced?
c) Thematic: (ie) a definite theme must be identified – why is the firearm / weapon significant to the theme?
d) Investment: (ie) how this firearm / weapon will make a significant profit for the owner {Note Commemorative or Historical items may also fall into this category}.

c) The weapon/s be rendered temporarily or permanently inoperative (dependent on weapon classification), to the satisfaction of Weapons Licencing Branch (QLD Police Service).

d) It is a legal requirement of the WLB licensing process, that the safe and secure requirements for storage be verifiably in place (see this web site for the legal storage mandatory requirements), before any post 1900 weaponry is acquired.

e) It is a QLD legal requirement that that all "Permanently Inoperative" Category D, H, M and R weapon purchases must have a form 31 (WLB web site) before Permit to Acquire / Notice of Disposal can be finalised.

Note: The Arms Collectors Guild of QLD reserves the right to reject any application, without explanation.